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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Disposable watches, yuck!

Sometimes, I can still be a bit surprised by people who don’t have a decent wristwatch. I know, it is a bit naïve probably, but when I have a proper hunch that someone makes some serious (or enough) money I can be amazed by the fact that they wear a 25 euro wristwatch. Not that I immediately link it to status, but simply because they probably can afford a nice watch.

Perhaps I am spoiled with the people around me, of which most have a very good taste in watches. However, I do have to admit that some of them probably got years of indoctrination by me :) For example, after a few years of living in a students’ house, they all bought (or got) nice watches for themselves. Ranging from vintage Omega watches to Sinn, Chopard Happy Diamonds and Rolex watches. In general, I think that people my age (around 30) are more into watches than the same age group -let’s say - 10 years ago, when the run on fine watches was already going on (since early 1990s). It probably also has something to do with clever marketing by the watch brands. When I browse through a random magazine that my girlfriend buys for example, I see big watch brands advertising for mechanical wrist watches for ladies. Watch advertisements are everywhere anyway, in all kinds of magazines, at events and some even have TV commercials. I don’t remember that this was the case 10 years ago, at least not in this quantity.

I also think it is more common these days to have more than one watch as opposite to former years, where you just bought one decent watch that had a write-off period equal to the rest of your years to live. And although not every watch buyer shares the same interest in watches as the average WatchUseek visitor, it seems to be commonly accepted that you have more than one nice watch.

Anyway, to get back to the first paragraph of my rant, some people don’t seem to care at all. No matter what amount of income they have. Some people drive cars of 100.000 euro but still wear a cheap plastic watch. Also from the perspective of durability I’d expect that more people wouldn’t buy disposable watches anymore. Brands like IWC advertise like crazy about their green production facility in Schaffhausen. Living durable and being aware of our precious environment should be reason enough to buy a durable wristwatch, preferably one with a mechanical movement.

Perhaps my surprise also comes from seeing these people wear expensive suits and shoes and on their wrist sits a plastic wristwatch. That does not make any sense to me. A matter of interest you might say, but it repels me everytime I am confronted with such a sight.

One of the solutions I can think of, besides indoctrination on a personal level, is to spread links to interesting articles about watches or ‘accidentally’ leave a watchmagazine here and there.

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