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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Unique depths by a unique watch, meet the Pita Oceana!

Pita barcelona, named after its founder, Aniceto Jiménez Pita (1947), is a Spanish watch brand and was founded in 2003. Aniceto has been a watch passionate since he was a kid, learned how to work on clocks and watches all by himself and eventually opened a repair shop in Barcelona in 1971.

Today, he is watchmaker (and member of the AHCI) and creates exceptional timepieces, using innovative solutions to problems that are already there for decades. What to think about the two patents on his latest creation, the Pita Oceana, using a water-entry free case and a time setting mechanism (Pita-TSM) that allows you to set the time without having to pull-out a crown (making it vulnerable for entry of water). There is no crown on this watch and no caseback. The modular design of the watch is absolutely water resistance, because of the absence of seals, crown, pushers and a caseback.

The Pita Oceana is considered to be the ultimate diving watch, with a WR up to 5000 meters! The special case and winding construction are the most important factors to be able to guarantee a trouble free watch at huge depths. The heavily modified ETA 2678 movement (also referred to as the Pita-003 movement), which is patented by Aniceto Jiménez Pita, allows time setting under water, as described above.

The Pita Oceana has a 9.8mm thick rounded polycarbonate crystal. There is no seal joint between crystal and steel case, which means that what's not there, can't be subject to wear and tear. Furthermore, the star-shaped second hand features a chromatic depth meter for under water use and there is this inverted bezel inside for timing functionality.

Modular case construction. Star-shaped second hand featuring a chromatic depth meter. This depth meter has a few different colors, depending on what color you'll see under water, you will be enabled to make an estimate of the depth. The bezel with 120 positions for timer function. This is perhaps the most important functionality for a diver, to be able to check if you have enough time to (gently) get to the surface. :-)

The Pita Oceana 2009 edition will be available in stainless steel, titanium, 18 ct. Gold, or Platinum 950. The watch is limited to 80 pieces only.

The buyer can choose out of a wide variety of of bezels, dials, hands, straps and buckles to have a timepiece taylored to his or her taste and wishes.

Case dimensions: Ø43mm, height 18mm. Strap 20mm.

Prices start at 3275 Euro for a stainless steel Pita Oceana with a brushed finish.

Bleriot Plane at Selfridges. Restoration sponsored by Bremont.

Shoppers in Selfridges have the chance for a week to marvel at a feat of aviation 100 years after it first amazed visitors to the London store. An original Bleriot monoplane owned by Swede Mikael Carlson which on Sunday 26th July flew over the English Channel to mark the centenary of the first cross-Channel flight went on display on the shop's ground floor.The store, which is also celebrating its 100th year, will recreate the exhibition with Mr Carlson's craft until August 2.

The restoration of the plane and yesterday's trip was sponsored by watch company Bremont.

Under the Bleriot Plane

The Bleriot Exhibition at Selfridges

BOTTA-DESIGN redesigned the 1986 UNO Automatic watch

Things become clearer when you reduce them to their bare essentials.

This simple philosophy also applies to the top-of-the-range Uno model: the UNO Automatic. Klaus Botta developed the first UNO one-hand watch back in 1986. The new redesigned UNO Automatic continues to remain faithful to the Botta-Design philosophy.

It makes do with just the hour hand, which just like in any conventional watch completes one full rotation every twelve hours. This principle of display is both logical and ingenious at once.
The UNO Automatic is assembled and set by an experienced watch-maker in a Black Forest workshop. Its high design standards and the fact that it is a quality product made in Germany make this watch stand out among mechanical wristwatches.
Until 31 July 2009, you have the opportunity to purchase the new UNO Automatic at the special advance-order price of 690 euro (the watch normally costs 790 euros) in the Botta-Design online shop.
Feel free to comment on the design and special offer in our German Watches Forum.

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