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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tempvs Compvtare Ocean Friendly Watches

The ability to adequately understand the Tempvs Compvtare (Tempus Computare) watches is proof of one's need to understand the story behind watches. The brand's first timepiece is the Shark Watcher, with an upcoming Sea Shepherd model coming soon. A simple view of the watch reveals a competent diver's chronograph timepiece with a unique placement of the lume and an edgy (literally) style. Aside from the attractive bright style, the watch contains two important messages.

First is a more simple message for the watch industry and to the consumer. Tempus Computare watches are totally Swiss made and assembled. In an era where independent brands have difficulty getting off the ground (not that it was ever easy) it is especially noteworthy that Tempus Computare has been able to succeed with a totally Swiss product, when so many others rely on Asian parts. Handling the watch does reveal a distinct increase in quality compared to many other independent brand diver watches. The message here is really about quality and dedication to the preservation of independent, Swiss made watches.

The design of the watch implies its connection with sharks. Looking at the side of the watch you see a shark silhouette like shape while the caseback of the watch is engraved with (among other things) a shark figurine. Why sharks? Well aside from the majestic beauty of the world's oldest great predators, the Shark Watcher timepiece is part of an effort to help protect the creatures. The second, and most important message of the Tempus Computare Shark Watcher is that the oceans' sharks are being hunted down and need protection. Further still, the watches are ecologically friendly use no animal skins and rely of reclaimed steel (a form of recycling where steel from derelict items such as boats are reused for the watch cases).

A full one-third of the net profits from each sold Shark Watcher timepiece is donated to a host of charities and causes that are directly working to protect sharks. Fisherman mostly from Asia brutally harvest endangered or limited population sharks in violation of many international laws or treaties. Without proper protection, these important parts of our natural ocean eco-system are on a path to extinction. In addition to the severe consequences this would have on the environment, it would be a particular shame given the fact that sharks evolved millions of years ago, making them one of our oldest surviving species. Tempus Computare feels so dedicated to this cause that such a donation is strictly connected to the Shark Watcher and future eco-themed watches.

At 47mm wide in polished or PVD black steel the Shark Watcher makes a bold presence on the wrist. It has a distinctive rotating bezel with a combo of sharp angles and smooth edges - as well as applied luminat. The watch case has sharp lugs that have blue luminant filled triangles on their ends. More lume is placed on the ends of the crown and chronograph pusher, which are themsleves functionally rendered and easy to operate. Matching blue lume is used on the dials of the wat ch for the hour and mintues indicators, chronograph subdials, and for the unique split, mirror image hands. Over the dial is a thick sapphire crystal, while the watch case is water resistant to 200 meteres.

Style of the watch is polarizing but fun. It is a functional look with added style and grace that make it unique among competitor diver watches. Inside the Shark Watcher is a Swiss automatic mechanical Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement. The good looks of the watch help overshadow is stern message about environmental preservation. In the end, if getting a Shark Watcher timepiece from Tempvs Compvtare helps you save one shark, isn't it worth it? Price is between $9.400 - $11,400 not including VAT. Coming soon is the Tempvs Compvtare Sea Shepherd watch to supposrt the popular whale protection group. Similar in theme, the Sea Shepherd is coated with black DLC, has yellow luminant and trim in a different type and comes with a Sea Shepherd skull on the dial with a trident hour hand, and shepherd's staff for the mintue hand. The Tempvs Compvtare Sea Watcher timepiece is available now while the Sea Shepherd will be available in the near future.

By Ariel Adams

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