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Friday, November 12, 2010

Scatola del tempo rewards john turturro

Honored in Los Angeles the Italian American actor

Scatola del Tempo, the prestigious Italian company and creator of rotating watch holders, has recognized actor John Turturro for the timeless quality of his films, his relationship with Italy and his culture and style.

Turturro received the award in Los Angeles during the Cinema Italian Style movie festival.

His latest movie Passion is a journey through Naples which is one of the biggest jukeboxes in the world with a treasure chest of songs from the 1200s to present day. Its soundtrack contains a series of beautiful Napolitan songs performed by such great Italian artists as Mina, Pino Daniele, Avion Travel and Fiorello (Caravan Petrol). One of modern American cinema's gems of acting, Turturro is well known for his ability to change both his demeanor and physique.

Scatola del Tempo originates at the end of the ‘80s, thanks to the vision of a collector, Sandro Colarieti, who sought watch holders worthy of the quality of his collection. He decided to create his own, employing expert craftsmen and first-rate materials. After having produced a small series, for himself and as a homage to his friend, he started receiving commissions from other collectors and from producers. Thus, Scatola del Tempo was born, today appreciated and known worldwide with its very own, special idea of what constitutes a watch case.

In 1990 rotating watch holders saw the light for the first time, designed to guarantee to maintain automatic watches in charge, so as to keep not just the time, but also the date. Sandro Colarieti then created the 1RT model, the prototype for a long series which enjoyed an immediate success, to the point that it was also used by some of the greatest Swiss Houses of Horology. For instance, Patek Philippe has endorsed such devices for its own models for over 15 years. The watch winders are equipped with a high precision micro-motor and controlled by a micro-processor. They can rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise, keeping any automatic movement within the device in full charge for over a year.

The engines are Swiss produced but the final assembly takes place in Italy, likewise the quality control on finishing materials and the functioning of mechanical parts. A great heritage has been left behind by Sandro Colarieti as well as a hefty responsibility for the future.

In order to raise its international profile Scatola del Tempo is counting on a series of prestigious events, such as those attended in 2007 for the 50th anniversary of the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, with the ceremony awarding Andy Garcia, Terry Gilliam and Francis Menotti and the participation of Julia Roberts during the American Cinemateque Award. Meanwhile, in 2008, Scatola has already rewarded George Lucas, Forest Whitaker, Steven Spielberg, Gabriele Muccino, Michele Placido, and, in 2009, Dino De Laurentiis, Clive Owen and Giuseppe Tornatore. In 2010, Gabriele Salvatores, Robert De Niro and John Turturro.


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