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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Unique watches, unique brand: rvndsgn

Zach Raven is a 27 year old award winning product designer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. A few years ago, with the US deep in recession, he suffered the fate of many of his fellow Americans and was laid off from his job.

Following this setback Zach, an industrial design alumni from Kendall College of Arts & Design, came to the conclusion that relying on others for his income was a more risky strategy than designing his own destiny and becoming his own boss. This idea coincided with his long held ambition to create watches.

The Horizon watch

Zach's design portfolio even from college days included three watch designs, including the futuristic looking Horizon watch, which uses embedded LED ribbons in a semi transparent urethane band to display time. LED's illuminate around the wrist in accordance to the current time. For example, at 6:00, the hour LED ribbon would be illuminated at the underside of the wrist, where the minute LED ribbon would be illuminated at the top of the wrist.


Earlier this year, Zach, who has designed for yacht interiors as well as office furniture, started rvndsgn watches, a boutique watch brand. The idea is to design and build watches using 3D rapid prototyping technology, with which of course you’re all familiar, right? No? Well think of an inkjet printer that lays down a thin layer of material, be it various plastics, metal, glass, or even sandstone, and then continuously builds layer upon layer following the CAD (Computer Assisted Design for the uninitiated) data until the three dimensional part is finished.

This is unique, no other watch is made this way. Most pieces made this way using rapid prototyping are one off trinket types, not actual products. Rvndsgn watches incorporate quality Swiss ETA quartz movements, Italian leather straps, and high quality lumed hands. Everything else is printed.

The watches come in various colours including natural, polished gold, matte bronze, and both black and white powder-coated finishes. The printing process leaves a unique subtle texture to the case that the finish preserves.

No two watches the same

The process used for the case is a layering process; the machine leaves behind a unique grain on the metal that makes each watch unique. Therefore each watch has its own story because the watch is made using a fascinating technology and builds itself following the input of the CAD program.

The watches are made from what is known as rapid prototyped stainless steel and due to the manufacturing process, the grain of each case is unique. The watches are then assembled by hand in the USA and the plan is to retail them at around $200, which, unless the good people on the Hill get the debt repayment crisis sorted out by next week, will be a very affordable price indeed.

The watches in the pictures are renderings accurate to the colours and the look of the watches.

Support Zach at

You can support Zach’s exciting new watch design concept by backing him at Pledge anything from $5 to the sky’s the limit and receive rvndsgn watches plus your name listed for immortality on the rvnsdsgn website. So far he has already raised over $1,600.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Eating up the road: Tudor Fastrider Ducati

This watch sizzles! There have been many (arguably too many) watch and automotive tie-ins in recent years, but this is something different, and definitely makes the pulse beat a little faster. It’s a tie-in with Ducati, maker of outrageously speedy and stylish motor cycles, and Tudor, maker of prestige Swiss sports watches who now take on the title of “Timing Partner” as Ducati’s official watch.

Tudor will launch the agreement with a commemorative timepiece dedicated to Ducati and perfectly aligned with the exciting world of speed, motorcycles and racing. It will enhance the new range of sports chronographs presented recently at “Baselworld 2011”.

The Fastrider collection

Known as the “Fastrider” collection, the series of stainless steel chronographs incorporate the Tudor 7753 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 46 hours in a 42mm diameter waterproof casing with satin-polished finish.

Various versions are available with leather strap, stainless steel bracelet or black fabric strap featuring three stripes in contrasting colours, a look that has become one of Tudor’s signature style details which, for this collection, will also be echoed on the dial.

Tudor has featured a distinctive Ducati red on the vertical stripes of the strap and dial, which creates a striking colour contrast with the black fabric and counters.

Piston-style buttons

The sporting spirit of these chronographs is further highlighted with black PVD-coated buttons set in the casing to resemble the pistons of an engine and by the tachymetric scale engraved on the bezel.

The partnership, created between the icon of Italian motorcycle engineering and one of the best known names in Swiss time-keeping, is built upon a number of common factors.

Genuine synergy

Both companies were founded in 1926, and share remarkably similar visions albeit for two very different products. The two companies continuously achieve high performance and original design, which becomes instantly recognisable when complemented with a sophisticated sports style.

The speed and performance of the powerful Desmodromic engine in a Ducati motorcycle, enhanced by a strong and high-tech chassis can be compared to the outstanding resistance, reliability and precision of a Tudor watch.

Interestingly, Tudor’s 1952 printed advertisements portrayed a motorcyclist wearing one of their watches to underline its combination of style and sporting spirit.

It is these common perspective and objectives that has led Ducati and Tudor to sign a formal partnership agreement and the Fastrider Collection is the first range of watches to come from the new tie-in. A great debut.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Which divers watch for your deep sea adventure?

An off the beaten track diving holiday destination deserves a more off the beaten track divers watch.

There’s just an ocean full of divers watches, so how can you know what to pick and why?

The first thing to decide is what kind of diving you’re going to be doing.

If it’s just skimming through the shallows and dipping your head under to catch the glorious coral, you’re quite ok with any of the diver’s watches with water resistance to 200 or 300m. This type of watch can also handle medium level dives.

Also, always opt for steel or titanium as these metals are strong enough to handle the ocean’s water pressure, which obviously builds as you dive deeper.

If you’re heading to one of the world’s greatest and most off the beaten track dive spots such as Palau, it seems a shame to go all the way there and not dive a little deeper.

One great destination: Palau – a diver’s paradise

The Palau island chain is made up of 200 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. They are located 528 miles (650 km) southeast of the Philippines. Of all the many islands in the chain only eight are permanently inhabited.

Palau enjoys a warm climate all year round with an annual mean temperature of 82° degrees F. (27° C.).

From the air, Palau appears like a long strand of pearls laid out across a sparkling blue sea. Because three ocean currents meet at Palau, the marine life is four times as rich as that of the Caribbean. On the other hand, the Caribbean tourists are probably a thousand times richer than those to be found in Palau, so it kind of balances out.

The deep blue waters are home to 1,000 species of fish and more than 700 species of coral. Giant clams bask on the reefs. Moray eels and sharks glide effortlessly by , too well fed to be interested in you.

Four great diver’s watches:

The Favre-Leuba Bathy V.2 Mechanical

This Depth Meter Diving Watch comes in a stainless steel case measuring 46 mm wide. It has a Grey rubber strap with buckle to keep it secure on your wrist. The watch is powered by an automatic movement and comes with calibre FL 305 and 23 jewels. It is protected by an anti-reflective convex sapphire crystal and is water resistant up to 300 metres. The Favre-Leuba Bathy V.2 Mechanical Depth Meter Diving Watch has complications that are very useful for divers like the decompression stage indicator, depth gauge and date as well as a diving time gauge.

CX Swiss Military Argonaut 1000m

The Argonaut 1000 TQ is named after the mythological Argonauts of ancient Greece. It’s a big chunky 46mm military style dive watch with large side guards and a unidirectional easy grip rotating bezel. It’ll take you as deep as you want to go and shine out at you even when the sun no longer penetrates the water.

DWatch Stingray 1000m

If you are looking for a top notch diving watch that will let you explore deep into the deep blue sea but don’t want to bust your holiday budget in the process, check out the DWATCH Stingray 1000m Diving Watch. This watch takes the no nonsense approach so you know what you are getting from the get go. All the usual goodies are on board including an easy grip uni directional bezel, large hands with plenty of lume and an automatic ETA movement. Maybe not the flashiest of divers watches, but it more than does the job.

Citizen Automatic Autozilla

The AutoZilla has been described as a grail of a diver; it's a stunning looking professional diver’s watch that can be used for saturation diving. The body is duratect Titanium which means it is really strong and at the same time light and comfortable on the wrist. The crystal is thick (about 6mm) anti-reflective sapphire. A great feature of this watch is that you can easily remove the bezel for cleaning and put it back on. It has an automatic movement and the hands are super bright once the lights go down.

DWatch 1000m picture courtesy of DEMO

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Casio Protrek vs Suunto Vector

Which watch for your summer adventure?

For a guy whose idea of adventure is trekking to the end of the road to the 7/11 for some midnight munchies, the exacting specifications and capabilities of the Casio Protrek or Suunto Vector could be considered overkill.

But let’s say you take your outdoor activities a little more seriously. You’re off to the back of beyond where timing becomes a life saving necessity.

You need to measure distance/average speed, timing food and hydration breaks, making sure that you reach communication targets. You need a watch that can deliver even in the most treacherous conditions. You need one of these.

Casio Protrek

This watch not only looks cool, it comes equipped with a compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, worldtime, moon data, tide graph, stopwatch, 5 daily alarms. It’s also solar powered and has 6 months battery reserve if it’s not exposed to the light within 6 months. Useful to know while in the depths of suburbia with just the street lights for illumination.

This watch will also auto correct itself in most countries, whether in North America, Europe or Japan or even the outer reaches of Canada, Central America and China. It also detects magnetic North. But does it detect the frozen wastes of the ice cream cooler?

The Protrek is as good in the water as it is on land. You can take it swimming and snorkelling as the watch is water resistant to 10 bar / 100 metres.

Suunto Vector Black

Suunto is a Finnish watch brand which caters to the whole gamut of outdoor sports including orienteering, diving, mountaineering, hiking, skiing and sailing. The Suunto Vector is still considered the standard by which other sport watches are judged, and it’s a favourite with outdoor enthusiasts from the mountain tops to the Marine Corps.

The Suunto range is bewildering in its diversity with features aplenty. The Vector comes with all the necessary toys for mountaineering including an altimeter with vertical speed measurement. It has a barometer, compass all in a light plastic casing.

With only 100 feet water resistance the Suunto does not offer you the chance to go snorkelling once you’ve slid your way down the slopes all the way to the sea.

So which one to take with you? Well the good news is, you can actually afford to take both.

The Casio Protrek Wave Ceptor Titanium Chronograph retails for around $512 while the Suunto Vector X-Black Negative Face is just $238. Keep one in your rucksack in case the other slips down a sudden and unexpected gulley.

Of course unexpected gulleys are not so much of a problem if you just stick to the sidewalk that leads to the 7/11.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bold move: Limited edition Movado Bold celebrates Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit.

ovado has just launched a special edition Bold watch. On July 9, 2011, Derek Jeter became the first Yankee player to hit 3,000 hits in his career, the 28th in baseball history to do so, and the second player, after Wade Boggs, to achieve the feat with a home run. The watch features an indigo blue metallic dial customised with Jeter’s number 2 positioned prominently and appropriately at 2 o’clock.

Limited edition of 300 pieces

This special edition watch uses the new Movado Bold bracelet. The caseback is engraved to commemorate Jeter’s 3000th hit and only 300 pieces of the watch have been issued. Each of the watches comes in a special sleeve accompanied by a thank you note from Derek and will retail for $550. Movado will donate $100 from the sale of each timepiece sold to Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation.

Career milestone

We are extremely proud of our long standing partnership with Derek Jeter and the Turn 2 Foundation,” said Mary Leach, Chief Marketing Officer, Movado Group, Inc. “It is such an honor to be a part of this historic occasion, and we are very excited to introduce this special edition Movado Bold timepiece to commemorate Derek’s incredible career milestone.”

Derek Jeter established the Turn 2 Foundation in 1996, his rookie year, and has been actively involved in its youth programmes since its inception.

Derek Jeter

Many players and coaches consider Jeter to be one of the best players of his generation. He is the all-time hits leader among shortstops. He has been among the American League (AL) leaders in hits and runs scored for the past ten years. He is the all-time Yankees hit leader and also has the most career hits of any active Major League player.


Movado is one of the world's premier watchmakers. Movado Group, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes watches from nine of the most recognised in time including: Movado, Concord, Ebel and ESQ by Movado along with Coach, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger licensed watch brands. The company is headquartered in New Jersey but the watches are made from their manufacture in Bienne, Switzerland. We'll show higher resolution pictures of the watch as they become available.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Unshockable: Zuriner Depth Charge

Zuriner was founded by Canadian Dave Simmons who had a passion for precision built time pieces from an early age.

When he grew up, Simmons’ career took him to Hong Kong but his passion for creating the perfect watch was not diminished.

Following years of planning, Simmons and his Kong Kong business partner finally showcase this dream watch and shares with the world his passion.

The result is Depth Charge, a top-spec precision built watch collection designed for a tough and adventurous lifestyle.

No compromises

To reach a world class standard, Dave insisted on no compromises. His Depth Charge collection incorporates only the best components including the ever reliable Swiss Unitas ETA 6497 movement with a 46 hour power reserve and several high quality precision parts.

Superior finishing

The finishing includes leading edge technology such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and super tough DLC (Diamond-like carbon) coating which renders the watch virtually scratchproof. The watch shines out thanks to super bright Luminova.

Durable watch strap

The watch strap is crafted from the finest leather and is designed for rugged wear but the 24mm Dual Screw System allows you to quickly change the strap to your own preference.

Secure crown guard

Zuriner’s Depth Charge crown guard gives powerful protection to the crown and movements. As the crown bridge is not connected to the crown it therefore eliminates unnecessary pressure.

The watches are water resistant to 200 metres and come complete with a two year warranty.

Prices for the Zuriner Depth Charge collection start at $1,099 and can be purchased directly from the Zuriner site.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girard Perregaux Only Watch

A one off watch in aid of research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

There are some truly stunning watches lined up for the Only Watch charitable auction to be held in Monaco in September. All profits will be donated to research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Hopefully this handsome ultra-light titanium oxide world time watch from Girard Perregaux’s collection will raise a generous price and help towards the cause.

WW.TC stands for world-wide time control, and the collection was introduced by Girard-Perregaux in 2000. It quickly became one of the most sought after ranges in their portfolio. The 'world time' function provides a simultaneous display of all time zones on its dial.

Forty parts make up the case and that includes a ceramic bezel and a titanium internal protective container. The red of the hands and the white of the world time bezel are a nod to Monaco’s flag.

The various functions of the dial are hour, minute, small seconds, world time with a day/night indicator, fly-back chronograph, and date. The case-back is in smoked sapphire crystal.

The watch runs on a Girard-Perregaux GP03387 self-winding movement consisting of over 450 parts. It features the date, small seconds, world times and a “fly-back” chronograph. The watch comes on a rubber strap with a black DLC titanium buckle.

So far there are 34 one off pieces from the crème de la crème of Swiss watchmakers including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, Breguet, Hublot, Urwerk and Zenith so Girard Perregaux is in excellent company.

If you want the watch, just raise your hand.


Material: case-middle in titanium oxide, bezel in ceramic, internal protective container and case-back in titanium. Push-pieces and crowns in vulcanised rubber.
Diameter: 43 mm
Height: 13.40 mm
Case-back: tinted sapphire crystal, secured by 6 screws
Water resistance: 100 metres
Movement: Girard-Perregaux GP03387
Mechanism: Mechanical with automatic winding
Frequency: 28,800 Vib/hour (4 Hz)
Jewels: 63
Power reserve: minimum 46 hours
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, world time with day/night indicator, fly-back chronograph, date
Strap: Black rubber
Buckle: folding, in black DLC titanium

Monday, July 11, 2011

Going vintage: Christopher Ward C8 Pilot Mark II Vintage

Christopher Ward is the small British watch brand that set out to stick a pin in the inflated retail prices of the major league Swiss made watch manufactures.

Founded in 2005, from the outset the mission was to make luxury watches affordable by slashing both margins and overheads.

The cost cutting is achieved by having no shops and no cash draining marketing campaigns. Then the savings are passed on to savvy punters who treasure quality without the staggering cost.

C8 Pilot Mark II Vintage

Christopher Ward’s latest offering is the new C8 Pilot Mark II Vintage, a contemporary take on the IWC B-Uhren watches used by pilots and navigators in World War II.

The design shares many of the characteristics of the watches commissioned by the Luftwaffe, and then the RAF, designed to be worn over thick flying suits. The watches had large faces to provide maximum visibility. In the cramped, cold and extremely noisy environment of a fighter plane’s cockpit, such a watch was a godsend.

Forum approved

The design of the Christopher Ward C8 Pilot Mark II Vintage owes much to the input of members of the independent Christopher Ward forum. Customers, fans and watch enthusiasts – particularly those that collect aviation watches – championed the retro design and asked for wider luminous hands so they were more clearly visible at night.

The beige coloured luminous paint on the hands and indexes is styled on the colour of many World War II uniforms – adding to the sense of nostalgia that the watch evokes.

As an additional authentic feature it even has a soft-iron anti-magnetic cage inside the outer case to protect the movement from interference which occasionally resulted in potentially fatal navigational and timekeeping errors for wartime pilots.

ETA 2824- 2 movement

The watch shares the same automatic movement – the ETA 2824-2 – as the C8 Pilot Mark I and its balance wheel can be seen on the reverse of the case through an exhibition window. The result is a watch that combines a contemporary specification with a design that captures a period in history when clarity, simplicity and accuracy were absolutely critical.

Kudos for Christopher Ward

So are the claims true? Can Christopher Ward really deliver top quality at a fraction of the price? What follows is genuine feedback from one customer upon receiving his watch:

“I am totally blown away by the quality of this watch. It feels rock solid…nice weight and heft to it…it just feels well built. I love IWC pilots watches and have tried on and lusted after several of them for the last year but they are way out of my price range… I honestly feel this watch looks and feels JUST as good as an IWC (I know…that’s a bold statement but I mean it) for a fraction of the price. Very clear and easy to read dial and the hands and face just look positively gorgeous.”

And the cost? Just US$615.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Quality first: Blacksand Uniformity and Uniformity Joaillerie

Blacksand Uniformity is a new high-end watch brand which prefers to let its strong and enigmatic looks do the talking, for there is little as yet for watch lovers to digest in terms of hard facts or sublime hyperbole for that matter. The manufacture’s description of the watch as ‘a new watchmaking style that embodies the conjugation of time itself, combining a modern present with a classic future’ shows however that owner Alain Maouawad is taking things seriously.

COSC and Chronofiable movement

Blacksand Uniformity’s strongly curved case houses a finely crafted movement the Swiss automatic Blacksand calibre 1970 with 35 jewels, a COSC- and Chronofiable-certified movement that beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a five-day power reserve.

46mm case

The hands and hour-markers light up the shimmering opaline dial, ensuring maximum readability at all times. The case is available in grade 5 titanium, tantalum, 18kt rose gold and sandblasted matt ceramics and measures an impressive 46mm.

The dials are available in black, black gold or white with a choice of rhodium treated hour-markers with blue-emission Superluminova or Arabic numerals made of composite Superluminova in high relief.

Uniformity Joaillerie

The Uniformity collection is now further enhanced by the addition of a fine jewellery model 'Uniformity Joaillerie', with the lugs overlapping its case encrusted with diamonds.
The purity of no less than 276 Top Wesselton VVS 3.60ct. round diamonds accentuates the distinctively curved rose gold case housing a workshop-crafted movement.

Blacksand Genève founder

The founder of Blacksand Genève , Alain Maouawad, hails from the jewellery business and his stated aim is to create watches worthy of the highest standards of the independent watchmaker. All Blacksand timepieces are entirely manufactured in Switzerland with the maxim “Always rise above the expected”.

And with prices anywhere between US$10,000 and $20,000 for the Blacksand Uniformity and considerably more for Uniformity Joaillerie, we must assume this also applies to the price.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The only person you fool with a fake watch is yourself!

You have the choice – don’t be a partner in crime

Watchuseek strongly supports genuine innovation and authenticity in watches and is staunchly against fakes and counterfeits. But as Europe prepares for summer vacations, it’s a sad fact that counterfeiters are ready and waiting, rubbing their hands, confident that many tourists will return home proudly sporting the fake watch they could never otherwise have afforded. Provided, that is, they make it through Customs.

Flirting with risk is a game they're willing to play in exchange for what they see as their reward. But in reality, counterfeiting is anything but a game:

  • With revenues in excess of US$ 400 billion, counterfeiting siphons off 7% of world trade
  • More than 40 million fake watches are sold each year, compared with the 26 million genuine watches made in 2010; this equals a net profit of US$1 billion for counterfeiters
  • Counterfeiting incurs fewer sanctions than drug trafficking and is a highly lucrative activity for criminal organisations.
Counterefeit watch buyers assist organised crime

When a customer buys a counterfeit watch they admire the accuracy and precision of the timepiece. What they don’t realise is they are becoming an accomplice to child labour, money laundering, job losses and intellectual property theft, all of which benefit organised crime.

As part of its mission, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) has made the fight against fakes a priority objective by supporting action in the markets by fine watch brands.

In 2009, the Foundation launched Fake Watches are for Fake People, a major public information campaign that appeared in 120 media in 24 countries.

Now a new campaign is declaring You have the choice! – Don't be a partner in crime.

To extend the scope of its action, the FHH also launched a short-film competition for the general public and students of the 1st year in visual communication at Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL) on the theme, Take a true look at fakes.

Out of all the entries, some thirty "infomercials" and short films – cartoons, fictions and montages – were selected to be shown in Switzerland and internationally.

The true cost of counterfeiting

The continued purchase of counterfeit watches, whether online or while shopping abroad, has far reaching consequences and continues to exploit thousands of innocent young lives. Fake time is anything but a good time for these victims. Buy only genuine watches.


• 7% of world trade
• 40 million fake watches are made each year, compared with 26 million genuine Swiss watches
• US$ 400 billion in revenues


• Intellectual property theft
• Damage to brand identity
• Funding organised crime (drug trafficking, money laundering, child labour, etc.)

Risks to consumers:

• Fines
• Civil and criminal charges
• Health hazards


• Only buy from official retailers and distributors
• When buying online, always check the seller's identity
• Demand the product's authenticity certificate

Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby you can push my pushers: The Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Chronograph

Not without a little controversy and a few ruffled horological feathers, the Linde Werdelin Spidospeed Chronograph was introduced to an impatiently waiting watch world at Baselworld in March 2011.

Multi-layered dial

The SpidoSpeed Chronograph dial, with strong design cues lent from both the Spidolite and the car industry, has been constructed in two parts, adding depth to the face. By using different colours and patterns on the dial, Linde Werdelin wanted to stress the strong connection to the racing car industry.

This can be witnessed by the multi layered subdials made to resemble the brake discs of racing cars, the material used on the dials harks back to the dashboards of racing cars in the 1940s and the strap with punched holes takes its design cue from driving gloves.

Complex case construction

It took Linde Werdelin two years to design and produce the SpidoSpeed Chronograph, the complex case construction taking up the most time.

Co founder and Creative Director Morten Linde wanted a fully 3 dimensional effect from all angles and as a result the skeletonised case consists of no less than 32 components.

The SpidoSpeed also has a cylindrical chamber inside the imposing 44mm case, which locks on the case-back and is water resistant up to 100 metres.

The height of the case is 15mm, 3mm more than the SpidoLite, allowing space for the chronograph pushers to be incorporated. The chronograph pushers are hidden at 2 and 4 o’clock position on the side of the case.

Concepto movement

The SpidoSpeed is powered by a Concepto movement (calibre 2251) which is partially visible through the sapphire crystal case-back. It also has a themed rotor to tie in with the look of the SpidoSpeed case.

On choosing a Concepto movement for the new model, Jorn Werdelin said:

Concepto movements have attracted a lot of interest in the world of watch making in the last years for their quality, durability, reliability and versatility in terms of finishing and complications. It was very important for us to have an integrated chronograph for the SpidoSpeed so the pushers and the crown would be at the same level.”

Limited edition

‘All three versions of the Spidospeed will be a limited edition numbered series starting with A of 100 pieces.’ explains Jorn Werdelin.

The SpidoSpeed Steel, Black DLC and Rose Gold Titanium DLC will retail at
S$17,000, $17,953 and $24,000 respectively. This is where some of the controversy has crept in.

Some forum pundits have complained that for a non in-house movement it’s overpriced even though in fairness, for the third time in LW's history, they went to a premiere third-party movement manufacture to have the calibre created specifically for them.

SpidoSpeed video

Here Morten Linde explains more about the SpidoSpeed:

STOP PRESS! More pushy pushers

Since the unveiling at BaselWorld earlier this year, the SpidoSpeed Chronograph has updated its pushers making it easier to push at the right angle ensuring much better functionality of the chronograph.

The construction of the SpidoSpeed case required a special pusher system to be constructed, one that would allow pushers to sit further on the case and also allow the clip-on of the instruments. And here they are.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ovel Watches:Tornado and Grand Prix

Ovel's intriguing descriptions for their watches are far more fun than some of the more painfully portentous press releases so beloved of major Swiss watch brands.

Ovel Watches describe their two models Tornado and Grand Prix as:

‘Modern and effective with a brand-new manufacturing method, the chronograph is the wristwatch of the future which sheds light and transparency through the darkness of the past. Thanks to its extravagance, it has escaped the classical estimation criterion and projects itself as a reference for the new generation.’

ith the imposing 44mm case for Grand Prix and the 42mm case for Tornado, Ovel are out to make a fashion statement with watches that show themselves not merely beyond the shirt cuffs but also the jacket sleeves.

That’s fine as long as the jacket sleeve isn’t tucked under the watch in a desperate attempt to show it off.

As Ovel confidently states: "the harmonious proportions and the classical design make of this blend of Swiss quality and contemporary styling, an everlasting timepiece that will never go out of fashion."

For further details on their watches go here

For high res images click on pictures


• Scratchproof sapphire crystal
• Stainless steel case
• Water-resistant up to 100 m
• ETA mechanical chronograph movement
• Caliber 7750 Valjoux
• Date
• Stainless steel bracelet
• Black dial
• Dial with index
• Transparent screw caseback

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