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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guido Mondani Editore and Watchuseek – all you need to know about collecting and admiring watches

An Italian man watches as a Dutchman in a cafe attracts the most beautiful girls without any trouble at all, even though he’s not exactly George Clooney in the looks department.

Asked how he does this, the Dutchman replies, "Well very easy, when I enter the cafe, I walk up to the bar and flash them the most expensive Swiss-made watch I can afford and they just flock to me. It’s the watch that does the trick."

So the Italian goes straight out and buys the most expensive Swiss-made watch he can afford, walks back into the cafe and casually flashes it around at the bar. No girls, nothing.

Disappointed, he asks the Dutchman for advice once more, "Well” says the Dutchman, “if the most expensive Swiss-made watch you can afford is a Swatch it's never going to work.”

Now an Italian and a Dutchman meet again, but this time both of them know a trick or two about attracting huge numbers of ardent lovers, particularly those that are crazy about watches.

Guido Mondani Editore, the most definitive journal publisher on watches now recommends Watchuseek, the most comprehensive forum on watches and vice versa.

Guido Mondani Editore – the leading publisher in the watch field

Guido Mondani Editore, the true reference for watch dealers and collectors around the world, and Watchuseek, the web’s largest and best loved watch forum have reached a mutual agreement to support each other’s websites. It’s a marriage made in horological heaven.

Since 1979, Italian Guido Mondani has been publishing lavish books dedicated to the finest names in watchmaking including Rolex, Panerai, Omega and Patek Philippe.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of its founder, Guido Mondani, Mondani Editore has carved its own niche of collectors and enthusiasts who, year after year, follow the evolution of one the most famous brands in the world.

Works include Collecting Rolex Milgauss, Yacht Master, Turn-O-Graph, Explorer I, Explorer II, a limited edition book of 2000 copies which lists all estimates of these watches and gives in-depth information on each model.

Then there’s the Rolex Gallery, a complete journey through all the vintage and modern models produced by Rolex. With all new images and updated information, this edition shows from the rarest models to the most dressy, to those that represent a dream for watch collectors. Each reference is accompanied by a detailed description of the main characteristics.

In addition to several other volumes devoted to all things Rolex – and Guido Mondani has sold more from his own collection than most will ever own - other works to which Guido has turned the laser beam of his attention include Panerai Watches from 1936 to 1997, and the Master of Omega Speedmaster, Flightmaster and Speedsonic. This volume enables the collector to identify them all and to be updated on all that is new.

Guido Mondani Editore is recognised around the world as the most authoritative source for high end watches.

Watchuseek – the web’s no. 1 interactive portal for watches

Dutchman Ernie Romers, founder of Watchuseek, has dedicatedly built his website into the number 1 interactive portal for watches worldwide. He probably receives more visitors to his site in a day than most watch blogs and online journals can dream of in a month.

Watchuseek simply brims with well informed forums on every type of watch, with links to all known watch manufactures with new contacts being forged by the day.

Not surprisingly, thousands of watch collectors turn to Watchuseek first for information on a wide variety of timepieces. On Watchuseek they can not only read the official watch forums, but also the collector forums where the real nuggets of information on watches mighty and magnificent or simply mid-range but much loved can be found.

The linking of Guido Mondani a wealth of information on watches, and Watchuseek, the web’s biggest meeting place for watch lovers is indeed a most timely move.

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