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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Phone bids: Celsius X VI II for Only Watch 2011

It looks a little like something an extra terrestrial would pull out of his pocket during an FBI shakedown. Unlike other watches that will be auctioned at the 2011 Only Watch charity event in Monaco on September 23rd, the Celsius X VI II cannot be worn on the wrist. It will however fit comfortably in your pocket.

The timepiece combines the retro chic of a pocketwatch with a 21st century must have, a cell phone.

The Celsius X VI II watch phone was released earlier in the year (priced at approximately – gasp! - $300,000) but the one that will be presented at the charity event is a one-off with a unique date feature.

Numbers emerge as if from nowhere

A first glance of the date display on the edge of the “watch” flap creates an instant, all-pervasive sense of mystery. The date numbers appears on a small screen, as if emerging from nowhere. They are in fact inscribed on a rotating cylinder nestled at the heart of the micromechanical movement, and they are projected thanks to the properties of optical fibres that conduct light.

The glass used to display magnifies the top part of the date wheel gives the illusion that there is no wheel.

Conceived by Celsius X VI II and developed by Chronode, the watch movement is based on a high-performance calibre powering the hours, minutes and pointer-type 50-hour power-reserve display functions, as well as the innovative date and dual timezone indications.

Ahead of its time voice transfer technology

The Celsius X VI II is equipped with a top-quality and durable French electronic communications platform. It incorporates a form of voice transfer technology that is regarded as fully mature, with no risk of obsolescence for decades to come.

The watch/cellphone is extremely user-friendly thanks to an interface pared down to essentials. Crafted from PVD-treated titanium, quartz fibre and rubber, its creation was a major challenge for the designers whose task it was to resolve the various interference issues caused by such materials.

A range of exclusive accessories

The flowing lines are said to be inspired by the world of Formula 1 motor-racing, and the For Only Watch version echoes the colours of Monaco.  The Only Watch model also comes with a bunch of exclusive accessories created by the brand: LaBase (docking station), LeKit, the no-hands kit secured by a tie-pin style clip, LeFourreau, LaChaĆ®ne and LeHolster – all neatly presented in the ebony wood presentation box called LeCoffret and composed of three mechanically opening compartments.

Some lucky playboy is going to have a fascinating new toy to play with in a couple of days time.

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