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Friday, March 4, 2011

One to watch: The photography of Denis Hayoun

It’s a given that those who love to read watch blogs will have seen a lot of pictures of watches. Often these are the crisp and clean watch photographs provided by the manufacture. The watch shot of choice for most marques is the Press Release special; a sparkling new watch shot against solid black; this is because it brings out the highlights of the watch well and the background does not distract your focus from the object of your adoration.

Then there’s the ‘watch porn’ shots, a favourite of watch forum lovers the world over. Watch porn is pictures of the watch on the owners wrist. Thanks to quality digicams any old watch lover can take a crystal clear picture of the new love of his life wrapped firmly around his wrist. Forum enthusiasts will often post these with all the megapixels they can muster just so that fellow watch enthusiasts can lust and drool over them and fantasize about one day slipping just such a model onto their own wrists.

But when you have real talent, and real genius behind the camera, and you refuse to conform to the tired old watch-shot-against-black school of horology photography, you can take sublime watch pictures like those of Denis Hayoun.

42 year old Swiss native Denis Hayoun is the man top watch brands turn to when they want to create real watch magic. Denis can take the carefully considered colour scheme of the watch and recreate it in intricate, dynamic and wonderfully different backgrounds that enhance the watch and enrich the imagination. Denis has shot a literal who’s who of watch brands, and avid watch enthusiasts will probably be able to recognise several well known brands in these stunning photographs.

Cartier, Piaget, Panerai, Rolex, Ladoire, Patek Philippe, the best of the best line up to let Denis transform their watches into works of art as well as masterpieces of horology. Denis does not only confine his work to watches, he has travelled extensively too and taken several reportage pictures throughout the world. But with an ability to take watch pictures of this quality, it’s unlikely the Swiss watch industry likes him to stay away for too long.

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