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Friday, March 11, 2011

The making of a masterpiece: Thomas Prescher TempusVivendi Custom Family Crest Watch

Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie is a part of Thomas Prescher Uhren GmbH an independent watch manufacture, founded in 2002 by Thomas Prescher who invented the first flying Triple Axis Tourbillon wristwatch with constant force in the carriage.

Thomas Prescher is noted for his outstanding ability to produce custom hand-made luxury sculptures of time. Those seeking something unique and of lasting beauty turn to Thomas Prescher.

A couple of years ago one of Thomas Prescher’s assignments was the magnificent TempusVivendi Qatar, specially designed for a proud Qatari client. Recently Thomas Prescher was asked if he could create a TempusVivendi watch with a client's family crest.

A word about TempusVivendi: it originated in the golden era of artistic and technical horology of the eighteenth century. This period was not only renowned for some of the greatest horological inventions in history, but was also an epoch in which a watch combined valuable timekeeping properties with a high level of visual artistry and personal pleasure.

The elaborate process starts with creating a perfect replica model of the family crest and attaching it to card which is the exact size of the circumference of the watch.

Once the client is completely satisfied with the crest as it will be replicated for the watch, the next part of the project is to create a computer assisted manufacturing program to achieve the milling for the design. If you want to see how it’s done, just watch this. It looks a bit painful when it drills around the knight’s nether regions, but it’s all in the name of art.

After the milling comes the thin marking with the CNC machine prior to the engraver creating the engraving proper entirely by hand. Once this incredibly intricate and patient process has been achieved, all the engraved parts can be assembled for the first time.

It’s very much like assembling the pieces of a complex jigsaw puzzle and much of this work is done by hand. There are no shortcuts to perfection.

After more painstaking processes such as riveting the pivots for the hands, preparing the case parts, polishing the attaches of the case and then assembling the case, the movement is finally ready for encasing.

Carefully the movement is placed inside, the case shuts cleanly and crisply, and suddenly, hour upon hour of expert craftsmanship comes together beautifully.

The finished result. And what a stunning piece of workmanship it is, all ready for the proud and eager new owner to take delivery.

Another unique work of art from the House of Thomas Prescher.

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