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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Casio Protrek vs Suunto Vector

Which watch for your summer adventure?

For a guy whose idea of adventure is trekking to the end of the road to the 7/11 for some midnight munchies, the exacting specifications and capabilities of the Casio Protrek or Suunto Vector could be considered overkill.

But let’s say you take your outdoor activities a little more seriously. You’re off to the back of beyond where timing becomes a life saving necessity.

You need to measure distance/average speed, timing food and hydration breaks, making sure that you reach communication targets. You need a watch that can deliver even in the most treacherous conditions. You need one of these.

Casio Protrek

This watch not only looks cool, it comes equipped with a compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, worldtime, moon data, tide graph, stopwatch, 5 daily alarms. It’s also solar powered and has 6 months battery reserve if it’s not exposed to the light within 6 months. Useful to know while in the depths of suburbia with just the street lights for illumination.

This watch will also auto correct itself in most countries, whether in North America, Europe or Japan or even the outer reaches of Canada, Central America and China. It also detects magnetic North. But does it detect the frozen wastes of the ice cream cooler?

The Protrek is as good in the water as it is on land. You can take it swimming and snorkelling as the watch is water resistant to 10 bar / 100 metres.

Suunto Vector Black

Suunto is a Finnish watch brand which caters to the whole gamut of outdoor sports including orienteering, diving, mountaineering, hiking, skiing and sailing. The Suunto Vector is still considered the standard by which other sport watches are judged, and it’s a favourite with outdoor enthusiasts from the mountain tops to the Marine Corps.

The Suunto range is bewildering in its diversity with features aplenty. The Vector comes with all the necessary toys for mountaineering including an altimeter with vertical speed measurement. It has a barometer, compass all in a light plastic casing.

With only 100 feet water resistance the Suunto does not offer you the chance to go snorkelling once you’ve slid your way down the slopes all the way to the sea.

So which one to take with you? Well the good news is, you can actually afford to take both.

The Casio Protrek Wave Ceptor Titanium Chronograph retails for around $512 while the Suunto Vector X-Black Negative Face is just $238. Keep one in your rucksack in case the other slips down a sudden and unexpected gulley.

Of course unexpected gulleys are not so much of a problem if you just stick to the sidewalk that leads to the 7/11.

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