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Friday, September 16, 2011

Only 5 made: GoS Vile Watch and Oden Knife set

It’s not usually our habit to show weapons on Watchuseek, but in the case of the stunning new Gustaffson and Sjögren (GoS) matching  watch and knife set we decided to make an exception. The watch and knife share a new Damascus steel pattern that has been invented and developed by master bladesmith Johan Gustafsson.

The Vile Watch and Oden Knife set

The knife and watch are named Oden and Vile, after two brothers in Nordic mythology.

The Vile watch case has lug screws in Damascus steel that match the trademark GoS oversized Damascus steel crown.

Damascus steel is an ancient technique of forging steel, originally used to create blades for swords which are legendary for their sharpness and strength.

The process of hand forging Damascus steel results in every forged piece containing patterns with a different character and personality. This means that every GoS watch is a one of a kind work of art.

Prehistoric Baltic coral has similar patterns to the new damascus steel pattern and is the material that Johan chose for the knife handle. The pattern is called Wildflower, the characteristics of which are especially prominent in the watch dial.

The Vile and Oden watch and knife set will be produced on order and limited to just 5 pieces. Johan's skills in steel colouring to the Damascus steel can allow for customisation where possible.

The presentation box

The Vile and Oden set comes in a beautiful GoS wooden presentation box. The boxes are individually crafted by Sture Nyberg, a local woodcraft artisan.

The box is made using an ancient technique called "svepask" in Swedish and is so specific to the Baltic region that it does not even have an English name.

The box is made of thin birch wood that is moisturised and bent over a round template. Birch root is then used to lock the shape with a seam. The box receives a darker tone by adding colour pigments to linseed oil. An additional wax coating is then added after the oil has dried. Hopefully you've been saving your pennies because to get your hands on one of these unique sets it's going to cost around $20,000.


Watch - GoS Vile

● Case: 42mmx10mm
● Lug width: 22mm
● Glass: Flat sapphire glass
● Movement: Swiss manual ETA 6498
● Movement refinement: Refinished and improved by the swiss company Soprod.
● Dial: Handforged wildflower Damascus steel
● Index ring/rehaut: Handshaped and polished grade 5 titanium
● Hands: Polished silver finish
● Crown: 8mm in finegrained Damascus stainless steel
● Case finishing: All highgloss polished with Gustafsson & Sjögren logo on case side.
● Strap: Handcrafted in black reindeer leather with traditional Sami tinthread decorations

Knife - GoS Oden

● Bladesize: 100 mm, 3.93 inches
● Style:Damascus folder
● Blade thickness: 3 mm, 0.12 inches
● Total size: 230 mm, 9.05 inches
● Blade: Wildflower damascus
● Bolsters: Wildflower damascus
● Handle: Prehistoric baltic coral
● Liners: Fileworked grade 5 titanium

Presentation Box Watch and Knife set

● Individually crafted box in svepask technique of birch wood
● Colored with natural pigments mized in linseed oil
● covered with high grade natural wax and polished to a deep finish

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