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Monday, October 3, 2011

Safety in style: The Brabus and Stockinger SV12 safe

The more you’ve got, the more you’ve got to worry about. But Stockinger, Germany’s most renowned safemakers have just the answer.

The Brabus and Stockinger SV12 safe by Stockinger is designed to ensure that when not on the wrist, priceless watches stay safely on their watch winders. The safe not only provides state of the art security, but also sleek and smart contemporary styling.

The Brabus SV12 is a joint venture between Stockinger and Brabus, the high performance after market tuning company which specialises in Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Smart vehicles. Truly a sophisticated toy cupboard.

Superior quality

The Brabus SV12 takes its name from the powerful Brabus SV12 engine, but as far as the safe is concerned, the 12 represents the number of specially fitted watch winders.

A high gloss black finish is applied on the body and door while the Brabus logo adorns the handle. The interior is lined with plush red Alcantara leather, carbon fibre and wood work.

Superior storage

Beneath the watch winders are five drawers designed for storage of other valuables. LED lights assist you if you open the safe in the dark, and you can customise your safe with a personalised name plate on the door. There’s even room for a favourite night cap to be securely sequestered away.

Naturally, part of the fun of being loaded is that anything can be made to your exact specifications, and so naturally everything about the Stockinger Brabus SV12 can be made to order including the number of drawers, the number of watch winders, the drawer linings, (Alcantara, leather or velvet) interior lighting, engravings – you name it you can specify it.

Superior security

The digital input safe conforms to VDS grade III security level which in turn conforms to the EU 1143/1 certification, including the automated sensitive alarm system.

The cost of the safe is $169,703, which in some cases could be less than the cost of a single watch that a dedicated connoisseur might wish to store in the safe. Great, but it would be totally wasted on my watch collection.

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