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Monday, October 10, 2011

Thought for the day: The analogue divide

'Being rich and living among the rich isn't a valid reason to forget the poor.'
Franco Cologni, FHH Chairman, HH Magazine.

As responsibility towards the wider community is beginning to interest luxury watch manufactures, FHH Chairman Mr. Franco Cologni poses the important question ‘what could high-end watch companies do to help the under privileged?’

He considers whether, beyond what they already do, if one Swiss franc were donated by Swiss watch manufactures for every watch sold, how many children could be fed? How many structures could be built? How much medicine could be bought?

One franc is the smallest possible unit for a divide of profits by wealthy Swiss watch manufactures.

Mr. Cologni states: ‘Even one small coin in this vast and needy world, we might then appreciate its power and importance. Were someone to give this consideration, thank you to them. Export statistics could provide the basis for a collective fund. Franc by franc, that's a lot of money and innumerable benefits.’

The objective is to eliminate poverty, hunger and sickness from the world. Not just in the "third world" but wherever difficulties exist. And severe difficulties abound, even in several newly industrialised countries.

Street children, of which there are up to 150 million worldwide, face serious health problems ranging from malnourishment to lack of sleep, to no healthcare, to exposure to the elements. They're also forced into drug dealing and prostitution. We know this, but it's so easy to look lovingly upon a shiny new luxury watch and forget about it.

Despite turmoil in the Eurozone, the Swiss watch industry looks set to enjoy highly favourable levels of profit for this year, and the best quarter of all is just getting underway.

A time for reflection maybe.

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