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Monday, November 21, 2011

A tale of Tang: Longio Saluzi Limited Edition watch

There’s a no doubt fascinating and deeply symbolic tale to accompany the concept behind this watch, but deciphering it from the Chinese –English translation is no easy matter.

What we do know is that seventh century ruler Li Shi Min epitomised success and versatility. As a founding father of the Tang Dynasty he ruled the country in an open minded and humane manner. He was ambitious, intelligent, adroit and diligent. Li Shi Min would become Emperor Taizong, co-founder with his father of the Tang Dynasty, ruling from 629 to 649.

The legend goes that Li Shi Min’s faithful horse Saluzi was injured one day in battle when several arrows were fired at him. Li Shi Min’s brave General, General QiuHanggong, who was accompanying the Emperor, fired arrows at the enemy cavalry to keep them at bay and once back at camp proceeded to pull the arrows from the wounded Saluzi so as to save him.

Longio Saluzi

The Longio Saluzi, shown above as a prototype, has been created in a limited edition of just 200 pieces. The intricate wooden carving on the dial of the watch commemorates this act of bravery and loyalty by both horse and commanding General.

As proof that this is a genuine part of Tang Dynasty military history, the same carving – this time from stone – forms part of a valuable collection of carvings known as the Six Steeds of Zhaoling Mausoleum.

Longio Watches

As for Longio Watches, they are definitely a new horological dynasty in the making, and the clear intention is to rival Switzerland for quality of craftsmanship, concept and design but with a distinctly Chinese flair and culture.

Longio Watch Company was established in 1996 and specialise in manufacturing high quality mechanical timepieces and luxury tourbillon watches. They also supply parts for export worldwide. Every aspect of the manufacturing process all closely controlled by  skilled engineers. The name may be unfamiliar for now, but expect to hear lot more from Longio.

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