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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rolex USA awarded damages against counterfeiter

Rolex USA is starting to crackdown on counterfeiters blatantly imitating and selling its products for huge profits on the internet. It has won nearly $160,000 in court after taking the owner of two websites selling fake Rolex watches to court in New York.

Gabriel Alvarez had been running and that sold fake Rolex watches for about $100 as well as other counterfeit goods masquerading as products from brands including Breitling, Armani, Bulgari and Chanel. The site openly advertised that the goods it sold were fakes.

Rolex USA first filed a lawsuit against Alvarez in January of this year and last week in court it won a financial settlement of nearly £100,000 in damages and fees. It also secured an injunction against the sites which a judge ruled must now be cancelled or transferred to Rolex, and that any remaining counterfeit products bearing Rolex branding must be destroyed.

How to tell a Rolex from a replica

1. The sapphire crystal
Rolex watches are fitted with a sapphire crystal (the glass face of the watch) that can only be scratched with a diamond.

2. The date window
The ‘cyclops’ date window in a real version is dead-centred above the number.

3. The attention to detail
The quality of the printing on the dial should be perfect, with indicators and type evenly spaced with no fuzzy edges.

4. The movement
A genuine Rolex movement sweeps smoothly at about 28,800 revs per hour – each second is broken down into eight steps. Even when a fake Rolex uses a Swiss-made movement, the second hand’s ticking is usually visibly jerky.

5. The logo
Where ‘Swiss made’ appears, the brand’s logo is laser-etched into the crystal. In a genuine Rolex, this is made up of hundreds of dots set at different heights throughout the crystal (so it doesn’t create a weakness in the glass) and as such is barely visible. To see it clearly you have to look through a loupe.

6. The bracelet
If you remove a Rolex bracelet you should find the watch’s case number and model number engraved on the side at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock.

How to tell a Rolex guide courtesy of reporter Damon Syson

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