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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Interview: Lumiox Watches Ambassador Scott Cassell

When it comes to watch ambassadors, very few these days genuinely are worthy of hero status, but Luminox watches’ Scott Cassell is nothing short of a modern day Captain Nemo with a catalogue of stories that would regale any audience in his presence.

Scott is a scuba diver who over a long career has studied our oceans as an oceanographer, worked as a counter terrorist combat dive instructor, worked with the BBC, Animal Planet and National Geographic (amongst others) on under water exploration projects. 

Now Scott has added Luminox watches ambassador to his Curriculum Vitae, as the watch company has aided him in doing his recent 30 mile dive to raise awareness for the decreasing standard of our oceans. Cassell even has 2 new Luminox watches with his name on them that sport the Sea Wolves Unlimited badge, which is a company that Scott runs to help combat the misuse of the seas and to protect the animals that are sea dwellers.

I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with Scott for The Watch Hut to ask him about his amazing 30 mile dive attempt and to ask him about his new partnership with Luminox, we also got a sneak peak at the watches that bare his name and he told us about what we can expect from those models.

During the interview he wowed me with stories about being attacked by sharks, giant Humboldt squid, poachers, being run over by a boat and if course about his pride and joy… his new Luminox watches that carry his name. The 1525 Deep Dive Special Scott Cassell dive watch and the 3954 Colormark Special Scott Cassell dive watch are both top quality pieces from Luminox where a proportion of the sales of each watch will go towards both Sea Wolves Unlimited and the Undersea Voyager Project

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