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Friday, November 16, 2012

Take off: Techné Watches Merlin Collection:

Swiss-based brand Techné has just unveiled the Merlin, a slim quartz watch with an oversized dial which offers outstanding legibility.

Taking its inspiration from the earliest military timepieces, the Merlin is 38 mm wide (1 ½ in) and features a dial that is 21% wider than the average. As a consequence, this model is "neither too small for a big wrist, nor too big for a small wrist."

Slim Line and Optimal Readability

Powered by a multi-function quartz mechanism manufactured by Seiko Instruments, the Merlin is very thin, with only 7 mm (9/32 in) in thickness (excluding crown and curved glass). The space between registers allows for optimal readability and the hands and tracks glow in the dark thanks to a non-radioactive luminous compound.

The case-back of the Merlin is engraved with the first words of the Latin aphorism, 'Ars Longa, Vita Brevis'. This is perhaps best translated as ‘Art is long, vitality is brief.’ In this instance, this saying from a poem by Hippocrates was actually referring to art as technique, not art in itself. So the meaning is that the acquiring of technique takes a long time, but life is short.

The Merlin fits in a range called Principio (meaning the earliest) to reflect both its entry-price and the earliest professional timepieces from which it draws inspiration. As with all watches made by Techné Instruments, the Merlin is available on a wide range of straps: US military nylon design, UK military nylon design, canvas strap, oiled leather and aged cowhide.

About Techné Watches

The word 'techné' comes from the Ancient Greek τέχνη, which translates to craftsmanship or craft, "the rational method involved in producing an object through art". Since 2009, the retro-inspired designs from Techné have caught the interest of watch lovers on many forums and style-savvy bloggers across 4 continents.

Where to buy

Techné timepieces can be purchased on the official Swiss website ( or at one of these resellers: in the Washington D.C. area
www.MinorJewelry.comhttp:// in Nashville, Tennessee
www.HorlogeDomein.nl near Utrecht in the Netherlands
www.Time2Give.be near Brussels, Belgium

Visit the website

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