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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

JEANRICHARD Highlands hands on

The Sowind Group recently sent us a JeanRichard Highlands watch to test drive. Watchuseek supremo Ernie Romers donned a crisp white shirt, slipped the watch on his wrist and got to work with his camera.

They say every picture tells a thousand words, and when you consider there are 17 pictures in this series, theoretically that would be 17,000 words, but life is too short. So let's content ourselves with some of Ernie’s concise and expert observations. Ernie has tried on more watches than most of us have put on clean socks, so be sure to take notes.

On first trying the watch, Ernie found the 47mm sand blasted stainless steel case with the 30mm dial took a little time to get used to. The excellent rotating bezel is wider than the case at "6" and "12" which makes turning it easy and comfortable.

The watch itself, with its handsome fabric strap, is very comfortable to wear and, at just 11.96mm in height, its streamlined design enables the JR Highlands to slip unobtrusively under the sleeve.  The deployant strap buckle with its pushers on either side makes it nice and easy to unbuckle the watch.

Ernie didn’t dim the lights to take pictures of the luminosity, but having tested the JR Highlands watch in the dark, he can confirm that the luminescent Arabic numerals and hands really pop out at you, and can be read easily at a glance. 

Essentially, in Ernie’s opinion it’s all good, it works, it comes together very nicely, and yet…maybe it lacks that extra magic ingredient, that extra little design tweak that transforms it from the good to the iconic. However, the Highlands watch is sure to evolve so we look forward to see it in its next incarnation.

Further comments from Ernie are featured under the pictures:

Two boxes, one contains the watch (flat box), the other contains the original box the watch will come in if pruchased from an AD. This one was sent to me by JEANRICHARD for review purposes only.
The instruction booklet and the delivery certificate.

The watch, safely sealed in plastic with an extra strap.
The original box.
Out of the box and onto the wrist, the JEANRICHARD Highlands.
The watch wears comfortable with a shirt. It easily slides under the sleeve.
Two pushers on each side opens the deployant. Nicely done and great design.
I have to admit, I needed to get used to the case design (46mm) and the - what seems - small looking dial (30mm).
The rotating bezel is wider than the case at "6" and "12" which makes turning it quite comfortable. Lots of grip.
On the inner metal of the deployant "JP" is engraved. I did not take off the blue protective plastic.
The JR 1000 movement, Cotes de Geneve and nicely engraved rotor with the origins of JR.
Stange comparison, but couldn't resist. I took the IWC off to put on the JR. Will it replace it? No, it is a different league, where the IWC is the more complicated watch, having the 7-days power reserve. But the JEANRICHARD did grow on me, a lot. And that is something I would not have imagined when I took it out of the box and put it on my wrist. The case design, the way JR managed to mount the rotating bezel to it, and the comfortable way to turn it, the dial and the hands, all comes to place with this watch. And last but not least, it wears extremely comfortable, due to the height, but also due to the great strap that comes with the watch. Thumbs up for JEANRICHARD's Highlands for me.

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