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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hublot while you wait: The Hublot Atelier courtesy watch

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot wants its valued customers never to be without a Hublot to hand. The brand has crafted the Atelier ‘courtesy-watch’ so as to equip any customer who leaves his personal timepiece for a check-up, service or repair with a fully functional standby Hublot.  

The Hublot Atelier watch comes complete with ‘not for sale’ prominently displayed across the dial, perhaps just in case the customer gets the irresistible urge to try and sell it on eBay.

This special model is seen as breaking new ground to keep physical and emotional contact with Hublot’s customers. The watch is made from black composite. The pin and buckle are also in black composite with a black rubber strap, screws and the crown in steel. The quartz movement comes with date and small seconds. The majority of the watch’s components were developed and made in Switzerland.

The watches will be loaned without charge to the customer for the time it takes to effect repairs or servicing, and is exclusively available at all Hublot’s worldwide boutiques, of which there are 49 to date.

As Hublot explains, "luxury means care in every detail. And where luxury is concerned, after sales service is a company’s visiting card."

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