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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bedat & Co - Swiss Luxury for Women

Discovering new things is always an amazing experience.  Whether your find that new band or the perfect holiday destination with miles of unspoilt beach, the feeling of accomplishment is always strong.  Discovering a little recognised brand also brings a similar feeling of delight as you are able to introduce your friends to the new experiences of a brand you have come to cherish.

Watch retailer, The Watch Hut, has recently introduced a number of lesser known brands of luxury watches to the site, that are sure to make even the most casual observer take note of the off-beat , less mainstream style choice. One of the new collections on offer comes from the mother and son team behind Bedat & Co watches.

The brand has been marketed in its Swiss homeland since 1997, but the small company remains little known in the UK market in spite of the critical acclaim and accolades the manufacturers have acquired since launch
The company have stuck firmly to the core values of Swiss watchmaking adhering to the charter laid down by the Geneva Artisan guild.

Bedat & co watches are designed exclusively for women and are stunningly feminine in design.  The watches feature white faces and either metallic bracelet straps or black straps made in fine leather.  They are sure to look fantastic with a classic LBD.

Many of the displays feature Roman numerals for a classic look, which combined with the dial and casing shapes offers the sophisticated woman a great selection of watches. The company offers a number of ranges that offer interpretations of the same classic design. 


The No 3 Collection features a “tonneau” shape that is curved at the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions.  The No 7 Collection offers various takes on the rectangular shape, curved at 3 and 9 o’clock.  Meanwhile the popular No 8 collection encompasses original round -shaped cases.

Sinn Speczialuhren competes in 5th “Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik” car rally

Classic cars and high-performance mechanical watches somehow go together: both stand for timeless, traditional values. Both offer the thrill of mechanical engineering steeped in a time-honoured tradition. And both symbolise quality and aesthetic design.

It's for these reasons that Sinn Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt am Main participated once again in the “Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik” car rally. Their vehicle of choice, a Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb convertible. 

The rally race for classic cars and modern classics was held for the fifth time on September 20-22, 2012. Sinn Spezialuhren has been a participant and partner since the outset. 

The Sinn Spezialuhren driving team comprised owner Lothar Schmidt and marketing director Simone Richter. They relied on the Sinn 917 GR, an extremely dependable rally chronograph. 

This excellent Rally Chronograph features a countdown bezel that is controlled by the crown at 4 o'clock, which makes it possible to read off finish times with to-the second accuracy, with red numerals to call attention to the all-important, final 15-seconds. In a nod to automotive cockpit design, the power reserve indicator resembles a traditional fuel gauge.

In addition to driving skill, these nostalgic races emphasise precise measurement of time – which is exactly what the 917 GR achieves. 

180 classic cars, representing 80 years of automotive history, took part in the event. Open to cars made before the year 1991, the competition involves a variety of tasks that emphasise consistent speed and reliability as opposed to fast driving.

As usual, the race began in Hamburg and the 780-kilometre route traversed six German states before culminating in Berlin. Nearly all of the roads were side roads, and 70% of this year’s route featured streets and roads that have never before been part of the Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik course.

About Sinn Spezialuhren

Sinn Spezialuhren stands for high-performance, mechanical chronographs that are relied on by – among others – pilots, drivers and the German elite force GSG 9. Thanks primarily to technologies such as Diapal, Ar Dehumidifying Technology, Hydro, Tegiment and magnetic field protection, Sinn watches have proven dependable under extreme conditions and are also suitable for everyday use thanks to their robustness and durability, quality and precision. 

In developing its models, the brand places a priority on design and a premium on reliable performance.

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