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Monday, December 3, 2012

One G-Shock, many colours: SlingShox

Casio G-Shock fans of which there are more than there are G-Shock models, wishing to upgrade or pimp their existing collection can now do so with SlingShox. SlingShox is the ultimate G-Shock accessory which enables the G-Shock owner to easily add a silicone skin that wraps around their G-Shock model to give the watch a brave new look.

The skins allow for quick, easy and cost effective customisation of G-Shocks, thereby greatly increasing the already colourful range of colour options.

The SlingShox line up currently includes 18 colours available at, including white, black, metallic silver, metallic bronze, red, yellow, aqua blue, orange, grey, army green, and purple.

Many more SlingShox are on the way, including special custom editions with unique and cool designs. At the moment, the SlingShox fit on G-Shock models DW-6900, G-100, GA100 and GA110.

Each SlingShox comes with a custom tool that allows the wearer to remove and replace the straps from the G-Shock bezel. The SlingShox strap has an opening on the back which fits the G-Shock bezel easily but still allows for complete and uninhibited use of the watch’s pusher controls. But just to clear up any potential confusion, the company is in no way connected with Casio G-Shock itself.

Colours coming out soon include High Volt Pink, Black Matte, Chlorine Blue, Varsity Red, True Blue and Winter White to name just a few.

If you've been hoping to add some extra shock value to your G-Shock – or G-Shocks, SlingShox save money and spoil you for colour choice all for just $25.00 each.

Visit the SlingShox website

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