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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Definitely maybe: Apple working on curved glass iOS wristwatch

It’s all under wraps, those in a position to know say they don't know, but nonetheless it seems that Apple may be developing a curved glass iOS wristwatch, making decades old science fiction become reality.

They have the technology. Well at least Corning glassware certainly does. Following the successful introduction of Gorilla Glass for the iPhones, they have now developed a bendable glass product known as Willow Glass. This highly flexible glass can be bent at will without shattering, and the company's chief technology officer Pete Bocko even went so far as to spell out the kind of application this could have: "if I tried to make something that looked like a watch, that could be done using this flexible glass," he said. 

Now there’s a big give away.

If produced, the iWatch would run on the same iOS platform as iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. If the company does release such a product, what would it look like? Would it include Siri, the voice assistant? Would it have a version of Apple’s map software, offering real-time directions to people walking down the street? Could it receive text messages? Could it monitor a user’s health or daily activity? And how much will it cost?

To add fuel to the fire at the prospect of an Apple iWatch, late last year the Chinese gadget site Tech.163 reported that the company had begun development of a watch featuring Bluetooth and a 1.5-inch display.

Forrester smartphones analyst Sarah Rotman Epps said “Apple’s certainly made a lot of hiring in that area. Over the long term wearable computing is inevitable for Apple; devices are diversifying and the human body is a rich canvas for the computer. But I’m not sure how close we are to a new piece of Apple hardware that is worn on the body.”

Incidentally, the device pictured is not a prototype of the watch; it’s a wearable iPhone 5 with curved glass designed by Federico Ciccarese, who designed the iPad mini.

Meanwhile, as for the Apple iOS watch, well, only time will tell.

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