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Friday, March 8, 2013

SWATCH 30 year special: SWATCH Est. 1983

It’s a momentous month for the mighty Swatch Group. It was in March 1983, 30 years ago, that they launched just 12 Swatch watches upon an unsuspecting world. It’s the brand that went on to save the entire Swiss watch industry, and become the bestselling watch brand in the world.

It was the launch quite literally of the watch that changed the world.

Looking back now, they seem unlikely heroes, but events soon revealed that they were the avant-garde, the shock troops of a Swatch watch revolution.

Today, after three decades of wit, audacious innovation, playful provocation and a whole lot of fun, Swatch has every reason to celebrate. Those first 12 watches from 1983 have been followed by millions, and now there is one that brings it all back to mind — the impossible, incredible story of Swatch: SWATCH Est. 1983 (SUOZ161). 

The New Gent, SWATCH Est. 1983 features a transparent plastic case and strap and a skeleton dial offering a clear view of the movement within. Key components are highlighted in gold; on one, a golden driving wheel, the word CELEBRATE appears twice, in black. And printed in gold on a broad silver band are all the intervening years, from 1983 to 2013.


Each year brings back memories of one or another fantastic Swatch watch: a POP, Scuba 200, heavy-metal Irony, colourful Gent, seductive Skin or high-tech Touch — not to mention those amazing creations by artists, athletes, and fashion designers.

Italian artist Lorenzi Petrantoni has also created a special edition artwork for Swatch, looking at events which took place in 1983. This was an era when Vanessa Williams became the first African American to win a Miss America beauty contest. Michael Jackson's Thriller album sold 50 million copies. The space shuttle Challenger made its inaugural flight and Swatch issued a million watches in its first year.

Despite all the celebrations,  the 30th Edition SWATCH is priced at just €60.

Visit the SWATCH website 

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